SEO Campaigns

Search Engine Optimization. We are one of the best for this. Key words, content, fast downloads in desktop or mobile. Organic and paid marketing. We will do them both. We have a lot of experience at this.


Email Marketing

We can advise you about this but we do not do it as it is very difficult subject. OK we do some and have good results. You have to have a lot of followers and we do. Its not difficult but can have a negativity effect. It is balance. Who likes to keep getting emails? If you are a club member about a subject you are interested in, then yes let me know, but if you are a one time buyer of a product. No I don't want to buy again, or keep sending me emails. No I don't want you to send emails every week.

SEO Mobile Service

This is where most website designers fail. I had amazing website builder design me a website for desktop and mobile, It looked amazing. Wow so good. I put it up on my server. What a mistake. In one month my website went from ranked number one on the page to not being on the first page. It take me a few month to get back on the first page with a simple design page. I get back up to number three or two. Having a number one looking website does not get you ranked. Traffic and spending time on your site does. I lost my number one spot due to listening to a designer who has no idea about SEO, don't do it.

Why Choose Our Service

That is a question we all ask ourselves when buying or accepting a contract from a service provider. First thing we do is to like what we see and then buy. Or, we go on a finding information quest. Gather as much information on a time period. Normally we will allocate time to a object. If it is food, not a long time, buy it and if like it, eat it and if don't like it, through it away. Well website and hosting are not a food product. They are more like a peddle bike to a Lamborghini. A peddle bike is cheap, slow or fast but nice and that is what an basic entry website is like. A Lamborghini is fast and smooth, top of the range, but cost a lot. We will do a Lamborghini website at peddle bike cost, and that is why you should choose us. We will do what it takes to get you there.

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